About us

This story begins in 2007, although we didn't know it yet. We are Angela and Alicia, two engineers friends who met on the first day of university. We both developed our careers in the financial sector and years later we met again. 

It was 2021, we were both on leave, Angela had had an accident and I (Alicia) was on maternity leave. We had time to think and dream away from the usual daily routine. It had been the pandemic and we saw how everyone was wearing sneakers, even our parents! 

We decided to start the adventure and create this project that would give the Spanish artisan footwear industry an opportunity. Having lived in several countries, we saw how Spanish leather and our crafts are valued outside of Spain and it is something for which we were willing to fight.

  • We faced the project with humbleness since everything was new for us.

    The biggest challenge was finding a manufacturer that wanted to make a small production of 150 pairs. I called at least 50 until someone agreed, we don't know if due to my excessive insistence or because of their need. 

    The first pairs were sold in 3 months, of course with the help of our families and friends without whom we couldn't have started. We were happy but we began to see the problems that the national production faces. The manufacturer went bankrupt (family business of 3 generations), the rise in raw materials and light did not help and we started looking for another. We had to go back to the starting point but at least this time we had a bit of experience and it was easier to make them listen and be opened to our project.

  • We started working with our current manufacturer, a family business with experience since 1950. We continually rely on his extensive knowledge and without it we would not have come this far.

    A few months after starting I moved to Istanbul for personal reasons and Ángela continued in Madrid, but the world had already adapted to work from home and having the manufacturer and logistics well organized we could continue remotely.

    At the end of 2022 MU was 1 year old, having overcome many challenges along the way but happy with the results. We had sold more than 1000 pairs the first year including 100 to Chile, where they highly value our national product. 


At MU we know that in Spain we have the knowledge and materials to create a high-quality product. Thus we are committed to Slow Fashion, claiming the quality of sustainable footwear through a close and responsible trade with 100% production in Spain.

We take care of the details of our shoes with handmade details such as the stitching of the leather to the sole or the embroidery on the back. The leather we use is a high quality Spanish one. Its production process is controlled, audited and accredited, being respectful to the environment.

  • We believe in creation of unique, timeless, high-quality and versatile products that can accompany us for years.

    We do not forget the comfort that is one of the fundamental attributes of the MU, for which we have invested time and resources in research and development.  

  • In the 19th century, a well-known writer thought that MU was a lost continent located in the Pacific. He held that the MU civilization had spread its advanced technology throughout the world. At MU we want to continue spreading the knowledge and savoir faire of our manufacturers throughout the world..




ORGANIC LEATHER: We manufacture using sustainable materials, the organic leather we use is resistant and durable and has the LWG environmental certificate. Its production process is controlled, audited and accredited, being respectful to the environment.

We also work with alternative materials to traditional leather. Our MU-05 model is made of genuine vegan leather.

It maintains the benefits of traditional leather, but its origin is not animal. Certified with the "Global Recycled Standard" and free of the solvent DMF. 


    The lining and insoles are made with a microfiber 100% breathable that offers maximum comfort. The feeling is similar to skin, which will make your MU unique sneakers.

    The soles are made of rubber. This material gives our soles exceptional performance being very resistant to slipping.

  • Algodones 100% algodon MU


    The laces are made of 100% cotton.

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly material. Manufactured to ensure high durability.


    We support the reduction of the use of plastic. That is why we are committed to alternative packaging:-MU travel bag 100% certified organic cotton-Box and Thank you Note made from recycled materials.